NISSHOKAN SHOSHINTEI is located on Sanjodori- Street. In ancient times the street was a meeting point for
traders who came from the north and south of Japan. It was also a starting point for pilgrims.
Today Sanjodori- Street is a perfect place to start your trips to the surrounding temples and of course
Kyoto itself. There are many buses which bring you to the city's most famous locations and also an underground
transportation system is also located near our hotel.
North of Sanjodori-Street there are many mountains. One of those the city's most famous mountain, Hieizan
South of the street lies the city of Kyoto - a beautifull view both during the day and especially at night.
In the west the Higashiyama is located.
The NISSHOKAN SHOSHINTEI is a modern, building with all the important safety features to assure
our guests a comfortable and safe stay. Our dedicated personnel will help you plan your trvel around our
beautiful city and make sure all of your needs are met
We hope you will visit us soon- we look forward to having you as our guest.