Q)How can I make a reservation?
A) You can make a reservation by e-mail.
Please contact us by e-mail from “Contact” in our Web site.

Q)Do I have to submit credit card information when making a reservation?
A)No, you don’t have to.

Q)Can I refer to you by phone?
A)We receive all inquiry by E-mail. Please contact us by E-mail from “Contact” in our Web site.

Q)What are the accepted payment methods?
A)We accept cash and major credit cards such as VISA, JCB, AMEX, DC, UC, Master Card, Diners Club.

Q)When do I need to pay?
A)NO MEAL PLAN: You can pay at check-in time.
WITH MEAL PLAN: You can pay at check-out time.
  -----Please pay in all charges by creditcard or japanese yen.

Q)Could you exchange?
A)We are sorry, we do not exchange.

Q) Do you have curfew (closing time)?
A) We don't have curfew

Q)I have a lot of baggage. Can I check the baggage?
A)We keep your baggage at front desk before check-in or after check-out. There's no charge.

Q)Is there non-smoking rooms?
A)We don't have non-smoking rooms, however,all the rooms are well ventilated each day.
And we can disinfect the room before check-in if you'd like to stay non-smoking room.
Please inform us of it.

Q)Is a Foot bath available for a day-tripper?
A)Foot bath is available for guests who staying at NISSHOKAN SHOSHINTEI only.

Q)Can I change/add or skip meals?
A)We are sorry, it may not be changed on the day. Please note this when you make a reservation.

Q)How much will the cancellation fee be?
A)Cancellation policy:
3 days before your arrival:30%.
2 days before your arrival:30%.
1 day before your arival :50%.
The very day of arrival :100%.
No show :100%.